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Even As God

Healing Relationships Biblically

Ken McDonald

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In the day and age in which we live the Bible says that iniquity abounds and because of it the love of many waxes cold.  (Matt. 24:12) Often cold hearts are the result of getting hurt and betrayed by loved ones.  If you do not understand God’s way of, and the steps needed to be taken in order for proper healing and true reconciliation to take place in a relationship, then you are vulnerable to getting you heart broken over and over again.

Even As God takes you through the steps set forth in the word of God for true healing and reconciliation of a relationship.  It gives the reader an understanding of why a relationship may or may not be restored.  Often people will blame themselves, or feel guilty when they have no biblical reason for such blame and guilt.  This book shows how God is our example for forgiveness and the steps He takes, and what He requires from those who have trespassed against Him.  

When you understand the responsibilities on both sides of a broken relationship, it is plain to see what needs to take place for true reconciliation.  Often this understanding has a liberating effect on those who are hurting so that they no longer live under a dark cloud of guilt.

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Relationships, Reconciliation, Broken friendships, Family division, Forgiveness