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The Creative Writer, Level Two: Essential Ingredients (The Creative Writer)

Boris Fishman

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The second volume of the four-book series that guides students into the creation of sophisticated short fiction and mature poetry.

  • Complements Peace Hill Press’s expository series Writing With Skill by providing the imaginative element that many students want.
  • Unlike most “how to write” books, these are designed to be used in a mentor/student relationship, with teaching, guidance, and evaluation tips provided for the mentor or teacher.
  • All exercises build towards the production of finished creative pieces.
  • Sequential, logical, step-by-step instruction.
  • The second level builds on the introductory volume, The Creative Writer: Five Finger Exercises, but can be started directly by older students.
  • Instruction in the five essentials of fiction: plot, characters, dialogue, point of view, and setting. 
  • Offers guidance in the essential art of poetry: sound, rhythm, word choice, and poem construction. 

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