How To Live Forward

Brett Hayworth

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What do you do when you feel like you've lost everything? When life hits you hard with unexpected circumstances, you can get knocked off your path. It feels like you are living life backwards. This feeling can be overwhelming and discouraging. The good news is that there is hope. There are things you can do to turn around your situation and begin to life forward again. In this book, you will find the keys you need to reverse your course and be better, faster, stronger and happier than you ever thought possible. When Brett became a single father, he discovered a reason to move forward, to build a legacy. Brett's message of hope, perseverance, and purpose is his story, a man from humble beginnings blessed with an innate sense of what it takes to become the best, most successful person God created him to be, who also has the talent for transferring that knowledge to the rest of us. He believes in giving the gift of going second, understanding the art of true leadership. Brett touches on topics such as, pursuing your God-given purpose, reaching dreams, setting goals, growing leaders, the gift of going second, and family.

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