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Chosen for Charlie

When God Gifts You with a Special-Needs Child

Jen Forsthoff

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Ratgeber / Familie


“I chose you to be her mom.”

When faced with a diagnosis that says your child will never be “normal” or that he or she will always have “special needs,” you don’t feel chosen. You feel fearful, angry … confused. Questions race through your mind:

Why did this happen?

What am I supposed to feel?

How do I raise this child?

What do I do now?

When doctors told Jen Forsthoff that her daughter had Down syndrome, her emotions swelled. And then, God spoke: “I chose you to be her mom.”

Those words brought clarity and helped Jen see the privilege she’d been given—the honor of loving and caring for her precious daughter.

If you are the parent (or parent-to-be) of a special-needs child, you may feel lost, scared, hurt, angry, or confused. But know this: You are not alone. In Chosen for Charlie, you will find hope and encouragement for living with faith and finding the blessing in the most challenging circumstances. No, you are not alone. You are chosen.

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