Who Invited the Dead Man?

Patricia Sprinkle

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


A Thoroughly Southern Mystery #3Sixty-something-year-old MacLaren Yarbrough has celebrated enough birthdays in her lifetime to think she's seen it all. But this year, at a birthday gala hosted in honor of her husband Joe Riddley, a mysterious murder is about to shake up the party. With a man lying dead in her house with a bullet in his head, MacLaren must track down the killer and clear her family name before the authorities wrap up their own investigation-all the while managing Yarbrough's Feed, Seed, and Nursery, tackling her newfound duties as the town magistrate, and caring for a spouse suffering from severe brain trauma. In a race against the clock, MacLaren must use her sweet-talk sleuthing to unravel the secrets of Hopemore, Georgia, because in a town with no strangers, a homicide is the strangest it gets. "e;Sprinkle has a gift for developing a full, rich world."e; -Publisher's Weekly"e;Sprinkle entertains and enchants her readers. Her characters are so real you'll find yourself believing you grew up with them."e; -Christian Retailing"e;Sprinkle has a real eye for regional culture and traditions. . . . She tackles weighty subject matter with a steady hand and a reassuring touch."e;-Atlanta Journal Constitution"e;Sprinkle's characters are fantastic, her Southern settings shine, and her stories always mesmerize."e; -Roundtable Reviews

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