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Adventures of Ameer Hamza

The Legend Begins

Hassan Zaidi

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Series introduction: First of a five-part epic series, this work is an adaptation of the Persian fairy tale Dastaan e Ameer Hamza—the sensational beginning of the world’s oldest tale, told and retold for many centuries in the East. It is an action-packed drama, featuring ferocious warriors, wicked genies, and wise sorcerers. But above all, it is a story of love, friendship, and honor—qualities that bind all of us together and that no evil can break.

The Legend Begins: An argument with the king about “fate” left her (Dil-Araam) helpless and alone in the dark jungle. With her courage and determination, she was determined to find a way to prove that she was right that strategy and hard work are as important as fate. But was her wisdom and good  planning enough to convince the king of Persia?

Buzarj was living a meager existence when he suddenly discovered that he wielded magical powers. His aim was to revenge his father’s murder at the hands of cruel Grand Vizier. His newfound abilities set him on a phenomenal life journey out of poverty and into the palace of the Persian king. His appointment as Grand Vizier set in motion a chain of events that gave rise to Ameer Hamza, the greatest and mightiest hero in all of Persia.

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Folk tale, Dastaan, Persian story, Amar Ayyar, Ameer Hamza, Oldest tale