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Lessons From the Garden

The Real Dirt on Being Happy!

Pamala J Vincent

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Sachbuch / Natur: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


The Real Dirt on Being Happy addresses life’s challenges for living day to day and gives the ‘real dirt’ on how to come up smelling like roses. The series of 25 short inspirational stories from the garden hands you the tools to weed through relationships, personal trials, handling the thorns in your life and coming up happy! Pam brings a moment of thoughtful clarity to the daily irritations, thorns and enemies to abundant joy in our lives. Her unique life lessons taught from her knees in the garden with dirt under her nails draws parables to real solutions. Walk with her through her memorial garden as she experiences parenting, relationship issues, burying pets, raising teens, patriotism, empty nesting, and learning to live life abundantly in spite of the world of hard knocks. Her pain and success teaches us all how to play in the dirt, shovel manure and bloom prolifically.

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non-fiction parables, Garden, relationship helps, family, parenting, self-help, inspiration, short inspirational stories