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The Reprobate

Jay M. Bylsma

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


When Jason Richards receives a prestigious fellowship that requires him to evaluate nursing home administration from the perspective of a resident, he chooses a Christian nursing home established by his own denomination. As he gets to know his subject, Howard Runner, Jason finds him far from a typical nursing home resident. Runner is accused by his fellow residents, and even the nursing home’s staff, of being a reprobate, as his theological views appear to be contrary to some of the doctrines of Christianity.

Is he an agnostic? A mystic? For sure Howard Runner is an enigma.

Jason’s theology is challenged right from the start by Runner’s first question. One question, which leads Jason on a deep and meaningful, and sometimes unsettling, faith journey.

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Christianity, Jay M. Bylsma, The Reprobate, theology, faith journey