A Freaks Novel

Brett Riley

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Finding themselves. Fighting together. Growing apart.Its junior year in Quapaw City, Arkansas. With it comes a new foe that even the Freaks cannot stop--adulthood. As they ponder what the future will be like with college and careers looming, they must contend with the ever-more-dangerous threat of the Team, the shadowy government agency determined to save the world from supernatural menaces. Even with the creepy Baltar Sterne acting as an advisor, our teenage heroes struggle with these tremendous pressures. At the same time, they must face their most dangerous threat yet, a creature of scales and wings that could threaten every life in town and beyond. New questions arise: can the Freaks achieve a common objective when they no longer agree on precisely what those goals should be? And what happens when they realize they might be the villains in someone elses story?

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Brett Riley
Brett Riley
Brett Riley
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