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Prayer Ministry Volunteer Handbook

Equipping You to Serve

Inc Outreach

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How Can a Prayer Ministry Transform Your Church?

Whether you are part of your church’s prayer ministry, or thinking about starting or joining a prayer ministry team, the Prayer Ministry Volunteer Handbook is for you!

We are often very quick to say we will pray for someone when we hear they are going through tough times, but do we actually follow through with our promise to pray for them? How many times do we turn to prayer only in times of crisis, as a last resort, or simply to ask things of God?

We need to make prayer the first course of action, guiding all of our life decisions. We must challenge ourselves to move beyond the dinnertime and bedtime prayers and progress to a thoughtful conversation with Christ.

Join authors David and Kim Butts as they explore how a well-equipped church prayer ministry team can serve as a model and an encouragement to support the members of the congregation, and even the pastoral staff, in their prayer journeys. Discover how you can make your church a house of prayer for all believers.

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