Closed-door Paranormal Suspense Romance

Dana Archer

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Never ask a shifter to choose between two mates.Newly matured shifter, Hannah Kagan has her sights set on saving a neighboring pack from a corrupt leader. All she has to do is convince Ethan Jager to mate her and take over the Tanner pack. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her question everything, including her love for Ethan.Noah lost his mate decades ago. His secret relationship with fellow pack mate, Ethan, soothed the sting of her loss. Hannah, however, can either heal him once and for allor rip his heart in half.With his pack in shambles, Ethan struggles with the choice of mating Hannah and taking over as leader or huddling in the dark with Noah while his friends and neighbors suffer. Neither option fits his wants. That leaves him with one alternative: Claim both of his matesand try not to die in the process.---------This book is the closed-door version of SHARED MATE by Nancy Corrigan, the Mainstream fiction pen name of Dana Archer.---------Dana's Note: Welcome to the Shifter World where primal heroes take on the world to claim their true mates!Escape reality with the Royal Alexander pride and their friends and immerse yourself in a bewitching saga where you'll find:NO CLIFFHANGERS!NO CHEATING!Guaranteed happily ever afterThe bedroom door is always CLOSEDLoving, loyal, and confident menStrong, dedicated, and smart womenUnbreakable family ties between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack matesDanger, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspensePage-turning thrilling story that will leave you reading late into the nightFairy tale, kisses only romance to swoon overOtherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic MythologyChronicles of everlasting love to get lost inParanormal romance series to put on your one-click wish listMystery and supernatural thriller storylineNo harsh language---------Download today and read an official Shifter World original novel.

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