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Marriage Ministry

Working Together With Family

Carol Linda Brown

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Ratgeber / Familie


Do you need to restore your marriage? Are you ready to stop the attacks against your relationship? Do you want to keep building on your marriage?  Carol L Brown will walk you through marriage with the tools on how to have a healthy, healed and successful marriage. Marriage was predestined by God.  No matter how hopeless a situation may seem, it's not too hard for God. God can restore marriage and cancel the enemy's plans. He designed marriage as a living example of the body of Christ. The head of the body of Christ will keep it together. God never intended for man or women to be apart. Carol Brown authored, "Marriage Ministry: Working Together with Family" to educate men and women about the principles of marriage. This book will help them live according to God’s will for their marriages.  Carol is happily married and knows what it required to have a rock-solid matrimony. Carol Brown provides vital information to have a successful marriage built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. "Marriage Ministry: Working Together with Family" provides thought provoking questions and includes a workbook that will strengthen any marriage. This is the perfect marriage manual to use for a blessed, successful marriage.



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