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Bridges of Flight before the American Revolution

Kim Kacoroski

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This fifth book of the FLIGHT SERIES reaches into the realms of Iona, a monastery founded by Saint Columba. The abbey's secret relationship with ancient Egypt surfaces as an orphan becomes an advisor to both Henry II and Eleanor, who inadvertently carry fulfill the mission of their ancestor, Spartacus. Covertly, they work with Robin Hood to restore balance from the Arab-African invasions. Tobias, a naturopathic physician serving the Pacific Northwest, uncovers this hidden relationship through his work with the pre-Eden civilization on Iron Mountain. He learns about the secret history of New York, Alabama, Florida, and Connecticut. With assistance from Lady Casper and a raptorgryph named Orin, Tobias and his companions use this insight to protect the United States from collapse.


The story begins with a visit from Gemman, who teaches young Columba through the lyrics of his songs. A woman's spirit inhabits the form of the Caspian horse accompanying Gemman. Having survived the Gondwanaland attack with this incarnation, the divine spirit communicates the money issues that have plagued humanity ever since the continental separation. When Columba survives into manhood, he creates a safe harbor for those wishing to separate themselves from the exploitive enterprises destroying the earth's spirit. The threat to the MidEarth, which harbors the earth's spirit is not to be overlooked. By the time, Sylvan, the young orphan, appears on the scene, he finds Iona in another dimension, and fully operational.


Sidestepping Eleanor's and Henry's intrigues and dilemmas, Sylvan finds a way to make merry and thrive. He establishes a different trade route removed from the violence of the Spice Routes and Silk Road. With the assistance of the archangels and platform people, they prepare for the eventual confrontation with the dark forces driving the Columbus company. Tobias and his friends pick up this thread, which laces through several different dimensions. Armed with the truth, they seek to restore the planet's vitality and harmony.

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