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Oblivion's Deal

Kim Kacoroski

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


When Joe O’Connor left a corrupt aerospace engineering firm to start his own business, he set up a two-way tap to protect himself and his interests. Little did he know that just a short time later, through this clandestine surveillance system, he would learn that there is an intergalactic shadow government, one whose tentacles have been operating longer than the earth itself.


When the system also puts him into contact with three likeminded women, Joe’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach is a perfect match for the women. Soon enough their insight opens a whole new world of possibilities. Uncovering the tentacles of the intergalactic conspiracy, their relationships blossom and the new group of collaborators immediately begin working on an interdimensional level. As their efforts become more complex and Joe sees their inherent possibilities, he incorporates a strategy for his electronics firm that earns profits in harmony with the divine evolution of the planet.

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