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The Book on Advanced Tax Strategies

Cracking the Code for Savvy Real Estate Investors

Amanda Han, Matthew MacFarland

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Saving on taxes means more money for you, your family, and your real estate investments. Learning tax strategies could be the easiest money you ever make!

When it comes to taxes, it’s not about how much money you make—but how much money you actually keep. Are you tired of working hard all year, just to lose the largest chunk of that money to the IRS?

Believe it or not, the U.S. tax system is filled with loopholes designed specifically to benefit real estate investors just like you. In this comprehensive follow-up to The Book on Tax Strategies, bestselling authors and CPAs Amanda Han and Matthew MacFarland bring you more strategies to slash your taxes and turn your real estate investments into a tax-saving machine.

Inside, you will learn:

  • How to use your rental properties to legally wipe out your taxable income
  • Tax-deferral and tax-free techniques to significantly increase your return on investments
  • How to supercharge your nest egg with self-directed investment strategies
  • Everything you need to know to take advantage of the opportunity zone tax benefits
  • Strategies to take cash out of a 1031 exchange without paying taxes
  • How to take advantage of the tax reform benefits in all of your real estate deals
  • Common retirement-investing tax traps and how to avoid them
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