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Transformative Collaboration

Five Commitments for Leading a Professional Learning Community (A school improvement resource for enhancing collaboration in a PLC)

Colin Sloper, Janelle Wills, Gavin Grift, et al.

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Every school strives to better itself so that it can better its students. In Transformative Collaboration, the authors dive deep into one of the strongest strategies for school improvement--the PLC process. You will explore five collaboration-based commitments--from gaining clarity to building trust--that will ultimately help you build and sustain a PLC that provides the best possible avenues of learning to students.

Use this resource to provide students with the education they deserve:

  • Commit to collaboration and use the five commitments to transform your school
  • Understand what it means to be a PLC
  • Find the courage to lead the process
  • Build a climate of trust
  • Shape school structures for success
  • Create clarity in collaboration

Table of Contents
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Understand What it Means to Be a PLC
Chapter 2: Find the Courage You Need to Lead
Chapter 3: Build a Climate of Trust
Chapter 4: Shape School Structures for Success
Chapter 5: Create Clarity in Collaboration
Appendix: Key Terms
References and Resources

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