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Etiquette & Communication Strategies for Nurses, Third Edition

Kathleen D. Pagana

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This revised and expanded third edition of Etiquette & Communication Strategies for Nurses will help you increase your confidence, enhance your reputation, and focus your career aspirations. Filled with practical tips, avoidable faux pas, and informative Q&As, this book will help you: • NEW: Plan an engaging and impactful presentation • NEW: Boost your career by writing an article • NEW: Use a leadership strategy to achieve your personal and professional goals • Interview successfully for a new position • Dine with confidence in any business or social setting • Increase your comfort with business travel • Manage online and social media interactions safely and professionally • Interact with everyone from executives to subordinates with grace and polish, regardless of the setting or situation • Moderate productive meetings • Thrive, not just survive, in culturally diverse interactions