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Dancing with the Devil

Gretchen Rose

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


“Dancing With The Devil” is a fast-paced narrative that alternates between the hilarious, pathetic, existential and hopeful. It is a wildly entertaining tale and an inspiration to anyone who ever felt stuck in a job or relationship that seemed impossible to escape.--------Masterfully written and impossible to put down… Author, Gretchen Rose, holds her readers captive from the first page to the last … This book is nothing short of terrific!— M.B. McDonald, author of “A Comprehensive Guide to the Male Mind”Meghan, still practically a child, casts her lot on an unwitting voyage toward selfhood. Her journey and telling find parallels in the horrors of the Divine Comedy, conveying how distant this glimpse of “human hell” seems from the normalcy and privilege of middle America … opening doors and awareness upon places and people we turn away from every day. It is time to journey forth with Meghan and see!— Vero Beach Poet Laureate and acclaimed artist, Sean Sexton, author of the newlyreleased chap book, “Descent,” a lushly illustrated paean to his beloved Treasure Hammock Ranch.Gretchen Rose relates her daughter’s story in a fast-paced, energetic style, and offers the kind of “right there” experience that readers will savor … a narrative of immense power, right down to “hitting the wall” of addiction. Read it to find out.— Anne-Marie Oomen, author of Love, Sex and 4-H, winner of the Next GenerationIndie Award for Memoir.

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