Doctors Wear Scarlet

Simon Raven

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Richard Fountain, a promising young Cambridge scholar, went to the island of Crete to study ancient rites and pagan rituals before suddenly and inexplicably breaking off all contact with the outside world. Disturbing rumours have filtered their way back to England, whisperings of blasphemous rituals and obscene orgies, hints of terrible crimes and wanton murder . . .

 Three of Richard’s friends travel to Greece to find him and bring him back. Following a grim progression of ominous clues, they will arrive at last at an abandoned fortress high in the wild and desolate White Mountains, where they will discover Richard’s terrible and shocking fate.

 Chosen by Karl Edward Wagner as one of the best supernatural horror novels of all time, Simon Raven’s Doctors Wear Scarlet (1960) is a neglected classic of English horror fiction. This edition features a new introduction by Kim Newman.

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