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Kayaking Through History Volume I: Maine Paddles

Deer Isle/Stonington

Richard Fleming

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This is Volume I of II of Kayaking through History: Maine Paddles, Deer Isle/Stonington. For more than 40 years, author Richard Fleming has sailed, rowed, and kayaked along the Maine Coast. As a professional sea kayaking guide, he has shared his vast knowledge of some of the most beautiful parts of the Maine coastline. Frequently, during his work as a guide, clients wanted to know more about the history of the places visited. Attempting to answer these queries, Richard developed a deep appreciation of Maine's rich maritime heritage.

In the three-volume set of Kayaking Through History, the author uses kayaking trips to explore the history of the islands and coastline. Each volume in the set covers a different part of the historic Maine Coast, along with detailed trip recommendations, paddling instructions and historical information. In addition, each volume contains maps and local knowledge relevant to paddlers such as camping and landing information, rules and regulations, tables, GPS coordinates, distances, and photos.

Let Kayaking Through History be your paddling guide to the beautiful coast of Maine.


Organization of This Book

Public/Private Properties

Conservancy Organizations

The Prehistoric Record

A Brief History of the Indian Tribes in the Penobscot Area

A Brief History of European Explorations

Appendix A: Float Plan

Appendix B: Contact Information

Appendix C: Suggested Reading

Appendix D: Prehistoric Timeline

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