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Buzz Books 2021:Fall/Winter

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Buzz Books 2021 is a treasure-trove of what readers value the most: substantial excerpts from a curated selection of dozens of the most highly-touted books scheduled for publication this fall and winter. Such major bestselling authors as Mitch Albom, Noah Hawley, Natasha Lester, and Richard Osman are featured, along with literary greats Lauren Groff, Ruth Ozeki, Bernard Shlink and. Tiphanie Yanique. Other sure-to-be popular titles are by Patti Callahan, Anna Pitoniak and Shruti Swamy. Buzz Books has had a particularly stellar track record with highlighting the most talented, exciting debut authors, and this edition is no exception. Ash Davidson’s Damnation Spring, Julia May Jonas’s Vladimir, and Claire Oshetsky’s Chouette are among the literary standouts. Our nonfiction selections range from Yrsa Daley Ward’s inspirational guide that includes poetry to Gayle Jessup White, a descendant of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson on reclaiming her family’s legacy. Bestselling expert on the virtues, Ryan Holiday, addresses courage, while iconic naturalist Jane Goodall offers the Book of Hope. Be sure to look out for Buzz Books 2021: Romance, also out in May, and Buzz Books 2022: Spring/Summer, coming in January 2022.

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