The Torchbearers

Bairbre Higgins

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Seeking sanctuary, burned-out fund manager Ariel Mignolet retreats to the New Mexico desert near Prospero, an isolated settlement steeped in religious fundamentalism. Long runs on remote trails and a new romance with local police officer Mike Argyll help forge a path back to sanity. But weeks into their relationship, Mike is brutally murdered and Ariel narrowly escapes the same fate. The ensuing investigation unearths the truth about powerful local figures whose acts of prejudice and deception have torn families apart for decades. As the FBI closes in on Mike's killers, a broken man bent on revenge is planning to take another life, and Ariel is getting in the way. Unfolding in a land of ghost towns and restless spirits, The Torchbearers is the story of how love for God and neighbor can turn deadly.

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varied intriguing characters., vivid scenic background, Psychological thriller, religious cult