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Love Is Unconditional

A Guide To Awaken Your Soul's Destiny

Shelley A. Leutschaft

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Could a change in perspective–a fundamental shift in our reality–create a dynamic way of living? Psychological and spiritual paradigms indicate you can access dormant potential to actualize a life of intentional purpose. Life’s greatest mysteries focus on our creation, our purpose for being, and the intent of our time on Earth. Spirituality, science, and religion hold varied perspectives regarding our origin and purpose. For many, there is a yearning–an almost insatiable desire–to expand the understanding of their purpose. Despite discrepant information, people the world over seek a more profound understanding with a hope of demystifying the unknown and questions not yet answered by the explorers of our greatest mysteries. Secreted in quiet repose an innate knowing awaits–the essence of reality beneath our beingness–but the process of living often overshadows the soul’s purpose. Whether we are a cosmic accident or there was some level of divine force responsible for our creation, our ability to act from love far exceeds the reaches of our human potential. 



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