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Church of the Graveyard Saints

C. Joseph Greaves

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


"Timely and well–told…this compelling tale could have been ripped from the headlines."
ANNE HILLERMAN, author of The Tale Teller and other novels in the Chee, Leaphorn and Manuelito mystery series

"Take a walk through Church of the Graveyard Saints, take a walk into one hell of a book with one of my favorite authors, Chuck Greaves."
CRAIG JOHNSON, author of the Walt Longmire series, the basis of the Netflix drama Longmire

"No stranger to the landscape of the modern west, Greaves produces a tightly plotted drama that explores the extremes of preservation and development, and the political theater that can destroy everything in between."
BEAU L'AMOUR, author (with Louis L'Amour) of No Traveler Returns

"With prose at once lyrical and propulsive, Greaves weaves a spellbinding tale of multigenerational love and conflict set against the ongoing battle to preserve the peerless landscape of the American West."
SCOTT GRAHAM, author of the National Park Mystery Series

"Greaves is a master of the language."

"Greaves is one helluva good storyteller."

Returning to her small Colorado hometown to find her old high school flame newly single and a new gas field threatening her family's cattle ranch, eco–activist Addie Decker ignites an armed conflict revealing cold truths about love and family, forgiveness and self–discovery.

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Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, carbon dioxide drilling, strong female character, Cortez, sagebrush rebels, environmental activism, rural