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What's Next? The Continuing Journey of the Wake Robin Life Care Community

Jacqueline S. Weinstock, Lynne A. Bond

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"What a gift this book is! It is a gift for all who have lived and worked in the Wake Robin community, and for all who have watched this community take shape and then grow. … And it is also a treasure trove of ideas and analyses for others interested in senior living, reflecting on what it means to age well and create an environment where that can happen. … Wake Robin’s experience does not provide all the answers, but this well-documented and thoughtful book is a learning lab, painting a picture of a community that helps create a vibrant life for seniors."
— Allie Stickney, former president and CEO of Wake Robin

Opened in 1993, Wake Robin was the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and first Life Care Community in Vermont. Residents can move from independent living to increasing levels of support without a change in monthly fee (the Life Care promise). Today, some 25 years later, the community thrives. This book tells
the story of Wake Robin’s origins and contemporary life on its campus. It explores the culture and practices that have allowed Wake Robin to create and sustain a high quality of life and a strong sense of community and belonging—a context where residents realize their potential for continuing growth throughout their later years. Wake Robin’s successful strategies are readily translatable to varied forms of senior congregate living and care settings. Thus, this book is recommended for all who are exploring senior housing and care options for themselves or their loved ones, as well as for senior housing and care professionals who are committed to improving settings
designed for people in later life.

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