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The Legacy of Thomas LePera

My Pale Ghost My Confessor

Thomas LePera

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


The Legacy of Thomas LePera is a literary exploration into contemporary prose. Indeed, it is a thorough study into 17th century idioms and verse and composition that we construct as wonderful prose. Today we don’t use “whence comes” but the magic comes along when we do. There are some dissimilar themes. “Caesarean’s Bad Mistress” is an eccentric tale of unrequited desire.

Don’t miss reading this one. Next the “Witches of Endau” speaks to how we must fight off witches who want to rob Harvey Mayfield’s grave sites. The “I Adonis” exploit tells of Greek mythology and rebirth of youthful spirit. “Her Soigné” is a masterpiece in contemporary prose. Written as a single act play, it examines scores of arguments against marriage and each rebuttal made by Claudius. Please be certain to read the Foreword. After all, it reveals the oldest argument notorious to mankind. And it will always be present among us forever.



Thomas LePera, The Legacy of Thomas LePera