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Loving What They Learn

Research-Based Strategies to Increase Student Engagement (Research-based strategies for increasing student engagement and building self-efficacy)

Alexander Neece

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Deep learning is possible for all students, regardless of subject, grade, or previous experience. In Loving What They Learn, author Alexander McNeece explains how high engagement nurtures the needs--for competence, autonomy, and content relevance--that students have, provides tools to measure how well those needs are being met in the classroom, and reveals science-based strategies that fill the gap.

See how to increase learner engagement:

  • Study the engagement gap's impacts and how to create a lasting culture that bridges that gap, developing a growth mindset in learners.
  • Encounter real-world anecdotes about different students, and see the research-based learning strategies in action.
  • Become familiar with student needs and the effect their fulfillment has on student engagement and achievement.
  • Discover dozens of research-backed teaching strategies that help fulfill students' various cognitive and affective needs, giving them increased autonomy and self-efficacy in the classroom.
  • Self-assess how well engagement is cultivated in four domains, and compare those results with student engagement inventory data.

Chapter 1: The Self-Efficacy Cycle
Chapter 2: Competence
Chapter 3: Autonomy
Chapter 4: Relatedness
Chapter 5: Relevance
Chapter 6: Culture Change
Epilogue: Going Forward
Appendix: Engagement Inventories
References and Resources

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