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A Question of Taste

A Tale of Political Intrigue

Keith Salmon

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


State bankruptcy is a reality!It is far more important than trivial factors like Global Warming.Do you want to eat? Who will pay you to do so? Not the Government: the USA will be bankrupt by 2075, UK by the same time, Japan will not last until 2050, Germany, France and the Netherlands are similar How will you eat?Following on from his successful first book Immigration! Keith Salmon delights us with an intriguing tale of mystery and political treachery as Governments strive to balance the books and avoid state bankruptcy. The way they do it is a closely-guarded secret which must never be revealed -on pain of death. Gavin Henderson, a journalist with the Times newspaper is warned not to publish. Will the public ever know the lengths to which the Government will go to keep its secret?The story is fast-paced and the stakes are atmospheric as political careers are made and broken in the quest to keep the secret in:A Question of Taste

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Keith Salmon, A Question of Taste