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The Essences

The Epic Trilogy

Daniel A. Reyes

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Belletristik / Gemischte Anthologien


The Essences are four unique weapons of incredible power and good, created by God, and given to His four Generals, the Archangels, to reign over His creations.A dark prophecy exists, stating that if the Essences become separated from the bond of their four owners, then a dark time of great strife would ensue.Follow the footsteps of the eager and cheerful, angel, Uriel, the best friend and apprentice to the mighty, Archangel, Michael. Little by little, Uriel begins to realize that he has found himself wedged in the early stages of a rebellion in Heaven. Always at the epicenter of this revolution, he begins to question his allegiance, as he struggles to pick a side. The Almighty warns him about interfering in what he witnesses, but this command is easier heard than done.All this while, Satan, God’s most beautiful Archangel, infuriated by the creation of earth and humankind, embarks on a calculated journey of his own, wishing to kick start the dark prophecy and implode humanity with the Essences, one of which is his Trident of Persuasion, which he is often depicted with throughout time.Witness comedy, witty conversations, and romance; yes, even the devil can suffer from the disillusion of a broken heart.“The Essences” is the original thriller, the unprecedented story of good and evil, the story before all stories, the most epic of all epics.

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The Essences// Daniel A. Reyes