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Sunnyside Road

Paradise Dissembling

K.B. Pellegrino

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A serial killer hunts the beautiful street of Sunnyside Road, an elegant neighborhood in Western Massachusetts. So far, six preteens are dead, and families are devastated. Despite involvement by the FBI, state police, and local authorities, no clues are forthcoming, and citizens hunker down in fear of further death. The neighborhood becomes an isolated island of potential bloodshed as no one can afford to move. Who would buy a grand home on a street cloaked in carnage? Sergei is the proud patriarch of a family of Russian immigrants who now lives in dread, as his little Anya is the killer's preferred age. He senses the evil nearby but knows not how to fight back. Meanwhile, Captain Beauregard, lead detective of the Major Crimes Unit, works with his team to identify the homicidal maniac behind the horrific killings. Through diligence and an interesting partnership with a criminal defense attorney, Beauregard ceaselessly pursues the truth. He will not allow the loss of another child, no matter the cost.

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Mystery, Police Procedural, Crime Fiction