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 Fulfilling the Promise of Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader (A professional wellness and self-reflection resource for educators at every grade level)

Timothy D. Kanold

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A long-awaited companion to the wildly popular HEART!, SOUL! empowers educators to take another giant leap toward fulfilling their professional promise. Refreshing, uplifting, and research affirmed, this resource leads readers on a deeply rewarding journey toward discovering their soul story--the pursuit of their moral good--in order to create good in others. It also includes dozens of stories from real educators, as well as ample space for journaling and self-reflection.

Use this resource to examine and reflect with provided journaling spaces:

  • Become more confident, joyful, whole, healthy, and balanced in your professional life.
  • Explore the four actions of SOUL--searching, overcoming, unifying, and living--that will help you sustain a fulfilling professional life.
  • Learn the concept of a soul story, diving into what it is and why it is so important to your positive well-being and emotional health.
  • Understand your own soul story, and reflect on how you can use it to create good in others.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles that hinder you from fulfilling your soul story.
  • Discover how to create a positive, thriving school culture focused on meaningful relationships and collaboration.

Follow the discussion of SOUL! on Twitter by using the hashtag #heartandsoul4Ed

Table of Contents
About the Author
A Note to Readers
Part 1: Developing Your Soul Story--S is for Searching
Chapter 1: The Soul Asks, "Now What?"
Chapter 2: A Perfect Pair: Heart and Soul
Chapter 3: In Loco Parentis
Chapter 4: In the Name of Social Justice
Chapter 5: The Second Mountain
Chapter 6: No Compassion, No Soul
Chapter 7: The Soul Story Whisperers
Final Thoughts: The PLC Life is a Seeking-System Life
Part 2: Developing Your SOUL Story--O is for Overcoming
Chapter 8: Lost and Overwhelmed
Chapter 9: The Shallows
Chapter 10: SASHET
Chapter 11: Anger Never Wins
Chapter 12: Good Enough, For Now
Chapter 13: The Road Less Hardened
Chapter 14: A Season for Obstacles
Final Thoughts: The PLC Life is a Corrosion-Free Life
Part 3: Developing Your SOUL Story--U is for Unifying
Chapter 15: E Pluribus Unum: Thriving in Community
Chapter 16: Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Belonging
Chapter 17: Beyond Collaboration: Intimacy
Chapter 18: Beyond Collegiality: Vulnerability
Chapter 19: Beyond Tolerance: Validation
Chapter 20: Beyond School: Community Engagement
Chapter 21: The Quietude Quest
Final Thoughts: The PLC Life Is a Balanced, Unified Life
Part 4: Developing Your SOUL Story--L is for Living
Chapter 22: The Date Always Arrives
Chapter 23: Carpe Diem
Chapter 24: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 25: Soul Story Courage
Chapter 26: Joy, Gratitude, and Grace
Chapter 27: One More Trip Around the Sun
Final Thoughts: The PLC Life Is a Bene Life
Finding Our Slack Tide

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