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The Agile Learner

James Anderson

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Empower your students to become confident learners in a world of constant change. In The Agile Learner, author James Anderson draws from ample research to detail the dispositions, skills, and behaviors every student needs for lifelong success. Use this resource to boost teacher and student efficacy and enhance learners' 21st century skills.

Use this resource to guide students to push beyond their personal best and actively build their own potential:

  • Understand the concept of the agile learner as it relates to complementary research on growth mindset, habits of mind, and practice.
  • Explore the many external mindset movers that may push one's mindset along the continuum of fixed versus growth.
  • Recognize the role of teachers' mindsets in student learning and instruction.
  • Study the four rules of talent: (1) choice, (2) practice, (3) effort, and (4) unlimited growth.
  • Consider new ideas about talent and achievement.

Table of Contents
About the Author
Chapter 1: The Agile Learner
Chapter 2: Why Mindset Is Important
Chapter 3: The Mindset Continuum and Mindset Movers
Chapter 4: Teacher Mindset
Chapter 5: How Do We Achieve Growth?
Chapter 6: The Rule of Choice
Chapter 7: The Rule of Practice
Chapter 8: The Rule of Effort
Chapter 9: The Rule of Unlimited Growth
Chapter 10: New Ideas About Talent
References and Resources

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