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Card Pro Bridge Bidding System

Deluxe Electronic Book Edition

Ron Foldman

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Created For Avid Contract Bridge Players And Bridge Teachers Around The World, This Book Makes A Great Gift To Any Bridge Player Who Has Already Learned The Game Of Bridge And Wants To Improve.  Author, Ron Feldman, Represented The United States In Three World Championships Of Tournament Bridge.  Foreword By Five (5) Time World Champion Bridge Player, Lynn Deas.  World Champion Bridge Player, Ralph Katz Provides The Following Testimonial On The Authors Ability: "Ron Feldman Is A Brilliant Bridge Bidding Theoretician." Card Pro Improves Any And All 5-Card Major Bridge Bidding Systems By Guaranteeing Minor Suit Openings Contain At Least 4-Card Suit Length With A Semi-Balanced Or Unbalanced Hand.  Card Pro Eliminates Rebid Problems For The Opening Bidder And The Responder Alike When They Have Either Extra High Card Points Or Extra Playing Trick Distribution.  The Opening Bidder And Responder Do Not Therefore Have To Guess Whether To Underbid And Overbid: Two Bad Choices. This Is Accomplished By Designating 1-No Trump And 2-No Trump Rebids By Opener And Responder Alike As Power Bids To Show These Bridge Hand Types.  This Creates Extra Bidding Space That Allows Bridge Players To Avoid Bidding Bad Games And Bad Slams.  Bridge Players May Elect Playing Some Or All Of Their Bridge Bidding System. The Bidding Innovations Are Modular.   Existing Bidding Systems Only Promise 3-Cards In Length And A Balanced Hand Which Contains More Losers.  This Inhibits Responder From Competing In The Bidding. When The Bridge Player Partnership Identifies That They Have Extra Values And A Trump Suit Fit, They Can Initiate An Exclusive Slam Bidding Tool Called Key Card Pro Which Dramatically Improves Bidding Accuracy. Where Current Bridge Bidding Systems Identify Singletons Or Voids In A Side Suit, Key Card Pro Obtains That Information, As Well As Specific Aces Or Kings In Each Suit. And, Key Cards And Trump Suit Honors Below The Level Of Game, Ensuring That The Partnership Stays Out Of Bad Slams. Key Card Pro Also Identifies Extra Playing Tricks By Capturing Trump Suit Length And Connected Honor Cards, Called Melds.  Trade Discounts Are Extended Globally.

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