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Chance of Snow

S. G. McAfee

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“Where’d we park?” Leora asks pulling a key from her jean’s pocket. “ The truck! Where’s the truck?”


“Over there!” Sydney yells pointing to Crow’s pickup. Hector emerges from the club sending the girls into hiding. Needing ample leg room for her long limbs, Sydney slides immediately to the roomy  oor laying her head on the bench seat facing Leora who keels over sideways. “Maybe his boss’s head exploded!”

Hector scans the lot, steadfast, until three young girls smiling and giggling mistake him for a bouncer. It is all over. Chivalry holds the door then follows with a limp back inside.

Leora turns o the radio rolling her window down to hear any approaching vehicles that might appear out of the fog. Sirens wail in the distance. Sydney climbs on the seat. “Whew! Momma!” She rolls down her window as Leora putters through the slushy mess to the intersection just in time as four police cars burst through the fog fish tailing into the shopping center’s parking lot.

“Maybe his head did explode! AH-HA-HA!”

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