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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


This book aims to present the essential New Testament and some Old Testament stories in a form that can be easily absorbed. It also tries to provide an insight into the ’Good News’ to interested non-Christians. Although there are numerous books on the teachings of Jesus, this book attempts to provide enlightenment and understanding through the adoption of an appropriate pedagogical feature.

The main focus is on the New Testament. Starting with the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, the book highlights the events in the public life of Jesus via his parables and miracles.

Each chapter sets out at the beginning, its learning outcome, and at the end provides focus questions to recapitulate what was learned, which could help, especially the young reader.

The ‘NOTE’ at the end of each chapter is meant to elaborate on any issue of interest and remind the readers how the words of Jesus are to be interpreted in this age and time.

The “Reflection” at the end of each chapter is for the readers to contemplate on them and come to their own conclusions.    

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