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The Greatest Love

"And This Is Love" (2 John 6)

Cho Larson

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The Greatest Love is a topical study that presents a fresh look at foundational instructions in the Scriptures regarding God's love. Each chapter study is designed for all those who desire to know more of Christ. The author's inspiring voice lends beautiful hues and a plentiful color palette filled with descriptions and applications of God's greatest commandment. The learner will come to know how immeasurable the Father's love is for His sons and daughters; a love greater than human words can describe.

Each segment of every lesson offers clear and simple teaching for those who desire to return to their first love and to truths too often forgotten. The study chapters are not adapted to any one religious persuasion. Instead, each lesson teaches the core truths of God's abundant love and, with help from the Spirit of Christ, the learner will come to know the awesome dimensions of God's love that can't be contained by denominational paradigms.

Every chapter is followed up with questions that help apply the message and offer food for meditation on heaven's kind of love. Even though our human intellect can't fully grasp the vastness of God's loving kindness, we press on to understand the precepts of the holy Scriptures. The lessons in this book will challenge the learner because this love can neither be earned nor deserved, and yet the Church and all of humankind benefit from it.

Like any topical study with such a goal, the lessons must begin by establishing the need for a contrite heart and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Indeed, it is God's loving kindness that leads, guides, and creates a clean heart. The teachings in this study book will lift the learner up from a world where hate, prejudice, injustice, cruelty, violence, power struggles, and tribalism try to rule the day.

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