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Escaping the Darkness

Using Adversity to Find Purpose

Cornell Bunting

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Cornell Bunting is no stranger to adversity. In his best-selling book, Escaping a Life Sentence, he describes the depths of despair from being wrongly locked up and how he persevered to maintain his innocence. In this sequel, Escaping the Darkness, Cornell describes the darkness he faced and the light that shone through to help him not only walk free from a jail cell but freed his spirit too.

This new purpose drove him to tell stories, write books and share his message that often when everything is taken away from you, you can find out who you are and what you are meant to do. In this surreal and compelling journey, Cornell offers hope to those who are facing challenges that are beyond human power to solve and shows the way of faith and hope to those who are ready to rely on a power that is greater than anything here on earth. Walk this road with Cornell and find your own inner peace and power to overcome all adversity you may be facing today.

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