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Knowledge to Power

Understanding & Overcoming Addiction

Kal Rissman

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What newscast does not include something on tragedy caused by addiction? What extended family has not had someone with an addiction problem? What hospital is not one-third full of patients there due to addictive problems? Even though addiction is America's number one health problem, our understanding of this disease is woefully inadequate. Kal Rissman has the ability to take the complex issues of addiction and make them understandable. This is a book that not only offers a non-judgmental understanding of addiction but offers concrete solutions and hopes to those afflicted with the disease and those affected by the disease.

 "Kal Rissman has provided us with a blend of clinical expertise and pastoral perspective in exploring ways to meaningfully minister to those who are addicted. In this book he demonstrates both understanding of the operative issues and the realities involved in the healing process and guidance for family members. He does it with rare insight and delightful humor."

    - Robert F. Maltzahn, Doctor of Ministry and Lutheran pastor for 54 years.

"Kal Rissman has a remarkable gift for simplifying complex issues into easily understandable terms. He explains the multifaceted aspects of the baffling disease of addiction, describes current trends in recovery and offers insight and practical advise to help general and professional audiences understand addiction."

    - Bruce Perkins, M.A., CDAC, LMFT, LSW, BRI - II, Intervention Specialist

"Knowledge to Power: Understanding and Overcoming Addiction is the perfect resource for anyone struggling with addiction or who loves someone dealing with substance abuse.  I will be sharing it with my clients and their families."

    - Sheryl Maupin, M.A., CRC., Therapist and Substance Abuse Counselor

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