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In Pursuit of Love & Clout

Kathryn Reign

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


I thought I'd found the perfect guy in Tanner... until he unexpectedly dumps me and breaks my heart.

Freaking social media influencers. They're all the same. Throwing people aside once they're done using them.

I need revenge, something to show him that he made a mistake by getting rid of me. I need to prove to both him and myself that I'm better than him.

And what better way to do that than to beat him at his own game? Maybe then, he'll come crawling back to me.

However, the obsession goes too far, and I find myself draining my bank account and losing myself.

All for what?

A little bit of attention?

And you'd think losing my job because of all this would snap me back into my senses.

But it doesn't. It only makes it worse.

This may turn out to be the worst Christmas ever if I don't find a way to dig myself out of this sinking hole.

*Trigger: A steamy, but sweet, holiday romance novella that contains mildly sexual content.

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