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From the Fabric of My Mind

Thomas Fullmer

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


"From the Fabric of My Mind" is a book of poetry which reflects my life's experience. The poems reflect a journey to inner awareness and self-actualization. The poems reflect observations of the world around me, and the people who have touched my life. One of those people is my dear wife, Barbara Ann, who passed away this past September due to complications brought on by a debilitating disease. She fought to stay with us, but in the end her liver failure took her life. This has left a hole in my heart which can never be filled. The pain she endured was beyond anything I can imagine, but some of my poetry comes close. Overall, the poems in this book of poetry express my inner truth. They come from the Fabric of My Mind, as the title suggest, but they also come from the fabric of my heart and soul, the mind being the interface of heart, soul and body. We think, but we also feel, and if we can feel deeply enough we come to know who we truly are. I am a widower, but I am also a father and grandfather who is trying to fill a space in my kid's and grandkid's hearts, now that their mother and grandmother is gone. In a way many of these poems reflect the love shared within the circle of my little family. I hope those who read can find a certain amount of wisdom and truth in what they read.

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