9 Lupine Road

A Supernatural Tale on the Tracks of Kerouac

Eric D. Lehman

ca. 7,51
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Belletristik / Science Fiction


Abandoned before birth by his father Rupert Plain, rookie FBI Agent Dominic Wood finally tracks him down at a small bookshop in Massachusetts. The first thing he learns is that his father loves the author Jack Kerouac. The second is that he claims to be a werewolf.Dominic begins an illegal investigation that will risk both his job and his sanity, as he follows Rupert's three decade tale of homelessness and obsession. From the cliffs of Big Sur to Kerouac's birthplace on Lupine Road, their dual quests explore the dark mysteries of the American psyche, and a generational divide comes to monstrous life. This gripping novel of fathers and sons will leave readers guessing up to the last page, and beyond.

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