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Letters for Pilgrimage

Lenten Meditations for Teen Girls

A. N. Tallent, Sarah Lenora Gingrich

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


Here there be dragons...and dragon-slayers!

In this timely travel companion for teen girls embarking on the journey of Great Lent, A. N. Tallent and Sarah Gingrich tell stories drawn from their adventurous life experiences to help their younger sisters in the faith navigate the difficulties and gifts of pilgrimage toward Christ. Each letter engages the reader like a sister telling stories as you sit with mugs in hand around the kitchen table. Unique stories covering the full span of Orthodox Lent and Holy Week bear witness to the life-giving disciplines of the Church, interceding Saints, and how God showed up in the midst of darkness and trials. These letters reveal God's gracious guiding presence in hardship by addressing difficult topics without smoothing them over with platitudes. Venture with Gingrich and Tallent into the richness of grace in Lenten rituals and obligations by joining this holy journey. Both treasures and dragons abound, but the Feast of Feasts waits for the pilgrims at the end.

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nonjudgmental, Catholic, lent, encouragement, correspondence, fresh, sisterly, faith practices, Orthodox Christian, adventure, devotional, epistolary