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Life on the Run

The Reverses of Life

Brian Michael Hurll

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Life on the Run is a continuation of my love for talking about Nature,  

Love, Holidays, and topical themes. is amalgamation of topics is a  

chance to continue with all the subjects that will always appear in my  

poems. Writing unloads my mind and is good and relaxing to my  

soul. I realised a while ago that our minds are very complex libraries,  

which continually fuel our thoughts and generate the work we write.  

So this larger volume with twice as many poems almost brings us up  

to date. Although I continue to write.  

My verses are stimulated by maybe a picture, a phrase or a random  


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Holidays, Nature, Brian Michael Hurll, Love, The Reverses of Life, and topical themes, Life on the Run, Poetry