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S.R. Longshore's Muse-Dream Mysteries

S.R. Longshore

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Belletristik / Fantasy


This book contains three very different short novels of mystery and determination. The first story is about a little boy who is set on discovering the secret of a door. He feels somewhat like an outcast but believes that once he makes the discovery, he will be famous. However, he has no idea how much the door is looking for him. The second story is about a man who loves a woman so much that he gives up everything to be with her. Together they flee only to end up back where they began. This takes place in a kingdom not of this world. The last one is about how people go on with lives, consumed with their own agenda and not realizing the consequences of their actions. Later only to find out that their consequences turn out to be more than what they could ever imagine.

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Fantasy, Thriller, Sherry Longshore, different short novels of mystery and determination, Mystery, S.R. Longshore