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Exciting life of Joe Sorenson

Joe Sorenson

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Joe has worked at various radio stations in Minnesota starting with KUOM which is the University of Minnesota public radio station. He was a student announcer there. From there, he went on to work at commercial radio sales as well as being on the air with his own show. He had his own column with the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder called Media Highlights. In April of 2006, he moved to Albuquerque New Mexico. There is a website that you can find a sample of his work. You can find it at <>. You can also find a sample of this at 877-820-6261. The greeting will direct you. Joe has started writing poems in October of 2015 along with his wife. Together, they have their first published book of original poems. He has also read at poetry Fixed and Free. He is a regular there. They call him the voice there. Joe has also read two of his poems on KUNM. He is a new motivational speaker. Joe has done some dramatic readings in the past and still does. He has written a book called Exciting life of Joe Sorenson Volume 1.

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