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Of Bears and Weight Loss

How to Manage Triggers, Lose Weight, and Enjoy Getting Fit

Brian King

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Psychologist, stand-up comedian, and best-selling author Dr. Brian King reveals the techniques he used to lose one hundred pounds, and provides guidance and humor to make your weight loss journey a healthy, sustainable, and even enjoyable one. 

Dr. Brian King studied neuroscience and psychology before touring the world as a stand-up comedian and public speaker. Yet despite giving life guidance to others, he was carrying an extra one hundred pounds, taking up too much space in airplane seats and keeping the opposite sex at bay. 

When Dr. Brian committed to change, he embraced his understanding of human behavior and mindsets to reframe his approach to a healthy lifestyle. Now having lost most of the weight, he uses his signature combination of humor and neuroscience to delve deep into mindfulness, stress, habits, willpower, diet, exercise, and much more to guide readers in losing weight and keeping it off.

This highly anticipated follow-up to Dr. Brian’s renowned stress management guide, The Art of Taking It Easy, is equally destined to help readers worldwide live better, longer, more active lives—and make your skinny jeans your everyday ones. Dr. Brian's unique, encouraging guidance brims with colorful anecdotes, personal stories, and scientific evidence, and is complemented by wisdom from a wealth of other experts—in various health fields as well as comedy—who have also triumphed in their weight loss journeys. 

Whether you are looking to shed those final five, the COVID fifteen, or the weight of another adult, Of Bears and Weight Loss offers life-changing tips and instructions that will have you embracing change with humor and the power to finally see your goals through to completion. 

Inside you’ll find:
- A comprehensive guide to developing the right mindset.
- An understanding of how factors such as poor sleep or impulse control could be sabotaging your goals.
- Guidance on how to know what diet and exercise program is right for you.
- The motivation to change and instructions on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
- Revelations on why diets fail and how to embrace sustainable change without going hungry or spending all night in the gym.
- Support for balancing weight loss goals with busy lifestyles, work, parenting, and social commitments.
- A wealth of humor, deep belly laughs, and scientifically-sound, evidence-based know-how.

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