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Deer on the Parkway

James Frazier

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


This is a semiautobiographical narrative about events that overwhelmed the life of the author. In the midst of a burgeoning career in New York, James Al receives a phone call one day, advising that his parents in Georgia had been hospitalized. As the youngest of seven siblings, he realizes that only he is in a position to drop everything and move home. James Al relates how the rose-scented world he knew soon fell apart. In his role as caregiver, he is unable to control everything that circumstances are throwing his way. The narrator eventually finds himself in a rut, which he never dreamed was possible. Join him as he journeys through his past experiences and recognizes what it will take to pull himself up and away from personal despair. James Al is able to draw parallels between his own upbringing and the strength needed to persevere. See how the world around him functions both as his friend and as his detractor. Only time and inner strength will get him through. His is a story to be shared. James Al is able to recourse the worst of tragedies and makes his own personal triumph.

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James Frazier// Deer on the Parkway