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Sparks Fly at Midnight

Christin E. Hepner

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


When a prominent physician and his wife die in a fiery blaze in their ranch home outside of Manhattan, Kansas their daughter, Brooke, speeds to the scene. She has no idea that a ghostly figure is standing in the barn doorway, next to her parents' home. The ghostly figure is devastated at the death of the only friend she believes could help her.

The untimely deaths of the Brookfield's soon lead to a web of deceit. Nicole Martin, who moved to Manhattan to attend the University, has recently learned Dr. Brookfield is her father. After his sudden death, she's thrown into an emotional tailspin. Her desire to see his home leads her to his ranch, where she finds a bag of gold and encounters a ghost who lived more than a century past. Meanwhile, two men recently released from prison are falsely arrested for the murders of the Brookfield's. Will justice ever be served to the true killer's identity? And who is the ghost haunting the doctor's ranch?



Christin E. Hepner, Sparks Fly at Midnight, christian murder, death, deceit, gold, doctor, murder, killers, Dr. Brookfield, Nicole Martin, ghost haunting, Kansas, Manhattan, ghost, sudden death, mystery, greed, prominent physician