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A Right Brain Awakening

What Grief Taught a Heartbroken Engineer

John Lodal

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


You've heard that behavior is dictated by your brain orientation. Either you're right brained or left brained. If you're right brained, you're creative; if you're left brained, you're technical. Or so it may seem. Until he entered extreme grief after the death of his wife-his true love-John Lodal believed that was true. But in his heartache, something blew open. The barriers between his hemispheres opened wide, and he began to experience right brain reactions to his grief: he felt feelings he'd never felt, he became empathetic toward others, he wrote poetry to express his sorrow, and he openly served others. 

From the perspective of a former Hewlett-Packard engineer, A Right Brain Awakening is the author's journey through his wife's final stages of cancer and hospice care (the exact cancer that he, himself, had overcome), the plunge into grief, accepting his new reality, and leading from the heart-not the head-to create a new, vibrant life. 



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