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Jason O'Neil

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This novel is about America preventing the Chinese goal of global domination by military force. A Chinese-American couple based in Hing Kong employ a trusted network of informants throughout the Mainland to provide an early-warning to President Miller.

The couple accurately predicts a cyber attack on the Island of Hawaii. Fortunately, America has a clandestine cyber chip, which can stop missiles before they are fi red. "Project Dragon" is employed to diffuse a nuclear-tipped missile, all made possible by an advanced chip embedded in Chinese in key positions. The Chinese never uncover the technology thereby providing an important negotiation tool for the President to require a reduction

in the Chinese arsenal.

This book is also a testimonial to former President Matt Flynn, who with his brother Murray, invented the anti-gravity device, the Red Box, which enables new forms of transportation including the Turbopod, Aquaclipper and Hypersonica aircraft.

The book ends with the couple receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House and a honeymoon in Bermuda. In Bermuda, the couple is celebrated for their accomplishments as the reader learns just how luck plays a key role in the fate of the Blue Planet

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